Pet Dog Training

Even pets deserve the proper training. Custom Canine Unlimited offers some of the most comprehensive and up-to-date personal dog training classes. Our training programs deliver reliability and expert family dog training. We have trained thousands of dogs over the years and use that experience to offer our dog owners the very best in dog training and dog obedience training. With experience comes knowledge and with knowledge come reliability, especially in our personal dog training. Custom Canine Unlimited also specializes in problem dogs that need a little extra attention.



Individualized Family Dog Training

Our personal dog training is cutting edge and uses an individualized approach for each client. All of our trainers are law enforcement K-9 handlers and trainers that offer K-9 expertise in many areas. We have taken this experience and applied it to our family and personal dog training division for by offering Individualized Programs for our clients. Individualized Personal Training Program is accomplished in 4 easy steps

  • Information Phase – We gather all the necessary information to find EXACTLY what our client is looking for in their family or personal dog. At the end of the day it is all about providing what the client wants.
  • Evaluation Phase – We evaluate the situation and the dog to ensure we can even attempt to provide what the client is really looking for.
  • Training Phase – We have taken everything we learned in the first two phases and develop a plan. We then begin the training process that implements the program.
  • Adjustment Phase – We continually evaluate and adjust our program to ensure that we move toward the ultimate goal of the client, because it is all about providing what the client wants.

We are able to offer our clients a wide range of canine training, canine services, and canine products to meet their needs. If we can’t provide what your looking for chances are we know someone that can.

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