Tracking or Search & Rescue Dog Team For Hire

We offer comprehensive, reliable, and certified Tracking and Search and Rescue (SAR) Teams as a global K9 Solution.

Custom Canine Unlimited has built our Tracking and Search & Rescue Team standards to meet or exceed all national and international standards.  Our dogs are trained with the utmost attention to detain in the ability to detect human odor and each handler is trained to affectively read thier dog.  These aspects combined with our stringent standards affords us the opportunity to provide our clients with the most reliable tracking and seach & rescue (SAR) dog teams in the industry.

All trainers and handlers possess prior law enforcement or military experience and are certified in their respective fields.  We believe real world experience cannot be duplicated.

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Our Teams are used to support
Missing/Lost Persons
Disaster Response/Support
Criminal Apprehension
Perimeter Security