Custom Canine Unlimited ensures the current requirements are obtained to ensure all requirements are met to help prevent denials and quarantines due to improper transport.


This is the foundation of all dog transport. Without the correct vaccinations, lab reports, and signatures specifically designated veterinarians, all within required time frames, access will be denied. We ensure our clients obtain the correct medical requirements.


Our experience of transporting dogs around the world have afford us the opportunity to build a network of unique specialty providers that help us to provide safe, comfortable, reliable, and professional service to our clients without sacrificing the health of our dogs.


Transport services to meet your specific needs. Custom Canine Unlimited provides safe and comfortable transportation service to meet your specific needs, whether it is to and from veterinarian appointments, airport transport, or other dog transport needs we can handle it for you.


Paperwork can be daunting and confusing to those that do not move dogs regularly. Custom Canine Unlimited can remove that stress for you. Completion, Execution, and Communication with the correct authorities to ensure the most seamless, uneventful transfer as possible.

Dog Size

Shipping dogs of all sizes. With full custom abilities for each of our clients. No dog is too small or too large, if there is a way we can get it done.


Boarding services are always available for each situation for pre or post trip needs. Allow your dog to stay in a safe, secure, and comfortable environment with professionals that treat each dog as their own.

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