Drug Dog and Handler Training

Custom Canine Unlimited trains high drive single-purpose dogs for reliable drug detection.  We have trained some of the worlds most reliable drug dogs and drug dog handlers.  A readily available selection of reliable trained drug dogs for sale is kept at our facility at all times.   We ensure all of our drug dogs are trained to the highest standards using our “Reliability Program” and our drug dog handler training prepare each handler for the “Real-World”.


Trained Drug Dogs

All of our drug dogs are trained to detect marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin with the option to be trained with a passive or aggressive alert.  We also train each dog to detect drugs in vehicles, open areas, lockers, luggage. and packages.

Custom Canine does not place a dog in the hands of a client without having a thorough understanding of the client’s needs and preparing each specific dog to meet those needs.

Drug Dog Handler Training

Our drug dog handler courses are unsurpassed by industry standards.  Each dog course provides theory, practical exercise and testing to prepare the K-9 team to be “road ready” at the conclusion of their course.  Our developed and proven curriculums are packed with non-stop working in order to minimize down-time and maximize training.  The teams in training are thoroughly tested so that they don’t make mistakes on the road.

Our Courses are Approved reliable dog



“Reliability Program”

Our “Reliability Program” has been developed over our years of working dogs in the “real world.”  This extensive law enforcement and military experience, working dogs and training dog handlers for that environment has led us to uncover many faults in training.  Nothing is worse than a dog or dog team that is great in training, but cannot deploy reliably in the field.  Our “Reliability Program” attacks these issues 3 ways:

  1. Dog Selection: Selecting the proper dog for the task at hand is essential.  The dog’s drive, characteristics,and health are vital elements of the process.  As much of a science as an art, we use our extensive working and training knowledge to hand select each of our dogs.  We do not broker dogs.
  2. Dog Training: Training a dog foundationally with science and experience at the oreis vital in this phase.  We set each dog up for success and then we test each dog in an attempt to uncover issues so that we may fix these issues.  We fully understand there is no perfect dog.
  3. Dog Handler Training: Knowledge must flow down the leash not up it.  Therefore, each handler must be taught and tested in the skills they will be required to apply in the field.  Without being taught the knowledge, the handler will fail, but without the handler being tested they will never know how strong they are and they will never grow.  Our handler training is developed around this principle.



This training may also be combined with any of our other training programs