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August 18, 2017
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K9 Team Task Order

August 18, 2017

 Peralta TorresMelvin 

You are Deployed As:  {Narcotics Detection Handler} as shown below.

Deployment in support of Custom Canine Unlimited K9 Team Services
Location of Services to be provided: {Burke, VA}
Report Date: {1100 – 1300, 19 August 2017} 

Number of Days: {Not to Exceed 1 Day(s)}
Will Proceed Date: {19 August 2017}
Contact Person: {Karen McLachlen (703-425-2896)} 
Headquarters Contact: {Alex Rickey (678-238-0682)}

Duties and Responsibilities: {Provide Drug Detection services to Customer} 
Client Location: {Ms. Karen McLachlen 5300 Dunleer Lane Burke VA 22015}
Exempt Service Areas: {Basement}

Services Provided: 

  1. Conduct a drug sniff of Service Location for the purpose of locating illicit drug odor using a trained and certified K9 Team (a handler and a dog) trained to detect the odor of Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin, and Methamphetamine;
  2. Notify the Client of location containing illicit drug odor, if any.

Services That Will Not Be Provided:

  1. The contractor will not search any locations
  2. The contractor will not give legal advice
  3. The contractor will not take possession on any illicit drugs

Additional Instructions:

     1.  Minimum Equipment Required: 6’ leash, 15’ long line, reward, dog crate, food, water, bowls, K9
          first aid kit.
     2.  Vehicle: Must meet current Addendum A standards.
     3.  Uniform: Tactical Pants (5.11, TruSpec or similar) Shirt or Polo with no logo or insignia other than
          K9- Unit.

Signed by Melvin Peralta Torres
Signed on:August 18, 2017

Signed by Alex Rickey
Signed On: August 18, 2017

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