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Course Registration

Custom Canine Unlimited provides a variety of top-notch K9 training, K9 handler training courses, guard dog training, and other dog training courses. All courses are taught by highly-experienced industry professionals in a variety of dog training and certification fields. We offer only the best quality education.   Our goal is to have the dog and/or […]

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Veteran Administration (VA) Education Benefits Facility

Become a Dog Trainer through the Veteran Administration Program Custom Canine Unlimited is an approved Veteran Administration (VA) Education Benefits Facility. Use your VA benefits, such as your Post 911 GI Bill, the Montgomery GI Bill, VRAP, and/or the Yellow Ribbon Program to pay for your dog training, kennel master, or dog trainer education. Special military […]

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Police K9 Training

We provide top quality training for military and police K9 units both locally and internationally. All of our trainers are law enforcement or military K9 handlers and trainers that have ample experience with military and police dog training. Our training and experience spans over the police dog training and military working dogs realms so that […]

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Building a Foundation for Effective K9 Training

Police and military canines are highly trained so that they will be able to handle active work. The foundation for their success stems from effective K9 training techniques. Improper training can hold a canine back from full, active duty. K9 training for military and police, and other specialized service dogs is highly specialized. Unlike traditional […]

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Kennel Maintenance

One often forgotten but crucial phase of maintaining a K9 is the maintenance of the kennel area, or even just the crate. Remember that our K9s are vital tools to our professional jobs and the care we take in maintaining their ‘homes’ is crucial. In addition to the basic needs of the K9, the proper […]

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Going Through The Motions

Over the last few months there have been a lot of handlers returning and training with us, which is always encouraged by all of our staff.  We actually love to see handlers, which have graduated, and return to train with us.  This affords us the opportunity to see their progress, assist with problem solving, and […]

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K-9 Handlers Learn To Write K-9 Reports

Custom Canine Unlimited has just delivered a course like no other.  Preparing K-9 Handlers to write complete and accurate K-9 deployment reports.  After a strong student base of Police K-9 handlers and trainers requested that CCU develop a report writing class, CCU takes heed.  Months of research and development headed by Jon Williams, Training Director for […]

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